Common symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Diabetes can make the life of people bore as it restricts them from eating any food. There are two types of diabetes namely type 1 and type 2. Let us see the common signs of these diabetes types. Most early symptom of this disease is the level of glucose in the blood is higher than normal. As the warning symptoms are mild people failed to see them. This is true when it comes to type 2 diabetes. There are people who do not notice until they get suffered from the long term damage made by this disease.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes happen quickly in few days or weeks and they are severe too. Both the types have the following symptoms common. People will suffer from fatigue and hunger. The body converts everything they eat into glucose used by cells for energy. But the cells require insulin to balance the glucose. If the body failed to make enough insulin, cells will not get the glucose and so energy. Here are some of the details in diabetes destroyer pdf to get rid of from the diabetes disease.


The complication during treatments of diabetes

Another common symptom is feeling thirstier and peeing more often. People with diabetes will pee more often than normal healthy person. Since they pee more they get thirsty soon. Dry mouth, itchy skin and blurred vision are some other common symptoms of type one and two diabetes. Since the body uses fluids to pee there will be less moisture level for other things. Thus, they become dehydrated and get dry mouth. They also get a dry skin that makes them itchy.

Fluid level changes in the body can make the eye lenses swell up. This can end up in losing the ability to focus. Some other symptoms include slow healing cuts or injuries, pain in the feet and vomiting. As a general medical rule people have to call their doctor if they feel sick to their stomach or experience any abnormal symptoms.

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